If you look at what being FSMA compliant means, it really comes down to defining gaps in your current food safety systems, updating your programs to fill those gaps, and implementing an ongoing program backed up by comprehensive program documentation and record keeping.

Rosalinda Cerna

How Digital Audit Logs Reduce Food Safety Litigation Costs and Risks

Guest Post by: Rosalinda Cerna, MPH, CP-FS, EHS Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services It is estimated each year that one in six Americans (about 48 million people) gets sick of foodborne illnesses. Each year, 128,000 people end up hospitalized and the annual cost of foodborne illness is around $152 million.…

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Quality Assurance with Mobile Technology

This article was originally posted in Food Quality & Safety magazine. You can read the full article here: http://www.foodqualityandsafety.com/article/quality-assurance-with-mobile-technology  The term “food safety” generally refers to practices used in food handling, storage, and preparation that preserve the quality of food while preventing contamination and spread of foodborne disease. People at every stage of the food supply chain…

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Using Mobile Software: Food Safety in the Palm of Your Hand

This article was originally posted in Food Manufacturing magazine. You can read the full article here: http://www.foodmanufacturing.com/article/2016/01/using-mobile-software-food-safety-palm-your-hand News about food safety seems to be everywhere lately. Every day, there’s a story about a salmonella outbreak or a company having to recall products due to possible contamination. In 2015, there were 420 recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts…

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The Digital Revolution in Food Safety

The following article was written by MeWe CEO Manik Suri and appeared in Food Safety Tech Magazine on December 7, 2015. Summary: Food companies should use technology to improve their food safety operations, helping keep customers safe and satisfied. News concerning the safety of food seems to be everywhere these days. Why is this the case? If you visit most food…

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Let’s Get Back to Making Dip

I’ve been buying the fresh spinach dip at Trader Joe’s for years. I love it — along with almost everything else at my local TJ’s in Cambridge, MA. Recently, I learned more about the history of this amazing spread. It’s made by a local food manufacturing company called Bombay Duck — a small 10-person operation based in Acton, a…

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