A Message from our Founder and CEO: MeWe is now CoInspect

I’m excited to announce that, beginning today, we are renaming our company CoInspect. Many of you already know and use our CoInspect application regularly.  We’re excited to build on that experience and embrace the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that lies at our roots. We are huge believers in inspections. Yes, we said it. We love inspections. But the word…

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If you look at what being FSMA compliant means, it really comes down to defining gaps in your current food safety systems, updating your programs to fill those gaps, and implementing an ongoing program backed up by comprehensive program documentation and record keeping.

Rosalinda Cerna

How Digital Audit Logs Reduce Food Safety Litigation Costs and Risks

Guest Post by: Rosalinda Cerna, MPH, CP-FS, EHS Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services It is estimated each year that one in six Americans (about 48 million people) gets sick of foodborne illnesses. Each year, 128,000 people end up hospitalized and the annual cost of foodborne illness is around $152 million.…

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Food with Integrity: The Top 5 Trends for Food Retailers

  Guest Post by: Rosalinda Cerna, MPH, CP-FS, EHSFormer Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Whole Foods Market In this era of “Farm to Table” retailers are asking themselves an important question: is it possible to efficiently scale a brand built around fresh, locally sourced food? Chipotle–a retailer that has been widely credited as one of…

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